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South Africa

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  • Daily Rates Per Person Per Day
    One Trophy Hunter accompanied by one Pro Hunter $430 per day per person
    Two Trophy Hunters accompanied by one Pro Hunter $350 per day per person
    Wing Shooting $600 per Hunter per day
    Observer - $275 per day per person
    All Daily rates are subject to a VAT (Value Added Tax) of 14% as prescribed by law
  • Inclusions
    Transfers by road from and to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.
    Services of a licenced professional hunter
    Hunting vehicle and support team
    Serviced accommodation
    All meals
    Soft drinks
    Laundry services
    Skinning and field preparation of trophies
  • Exclusions
    Air travel before or after the contracted safari package period not already included in the package
    Accommodation and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the safari
    Trophy fees for any animal not included in the package, killed or wounded
    Air charters outside of the package or contracted period of the safari
    If extra travel is needed to collect specific species, a relocation fee may be charged
    Hired Rifles/Ammo
    Gratuities to the Professional Hunter and other staff
    Taxidermy services
    Preparation, packing, documentation, and export of trophies from South Africa
  • Terms and Conditions
    We cannot control the weather and normal third-world conditions, nor do we bear any responsibility for either.
    These prices are for good representative trophies and up. It is your professional hunters responsibility to show you a representable trophy. If a client wishes to require his own minimum in size of trophy, the price would be adjusted accordingly.
    Prices are subject to Value Added Tax as prescribed by law. Daily rates are subject to Value Added Tax @ 14% Mounts are Subject to Value Added Tax @ 0%
    All prices listed are in US Dollars.
    A deposit of 50% of basic hunt tariff is required to confirm a reservation. Balance payable on arrival.
    Cancellation insurance is suggested due to our non-refundable deposit policy. Please refer to the policy.
    Hiking, game viewing and photographic excursions outside of contracted period of safari, please contact for rates, Terms & Conditions
    Extra charges incurred on your safari are payable on departure.
    All animals killed or wounded must be paid in full prior to leaving camp.
    Any shot taken at a Hippo or Crocodile in the water automatically counts as a hit.
    Complete trophy list, 3 passport photos of each hunter, residential details of each hunter, details of rifles: make/model/serial number/caliber/amount of ammo must all be submitted no less than three months before the hunt dates.
    Cancellation insurance is suggested due to the non-refundable 50% required deposit.
    Clients should arrange for their own travel, medical, and accident insurance.
    NB Safaris accepts no liabilities whatsoever in regards to weather conditions, injuries, or damages to persons and/or equipment.
    Any costs incurred during the safari together with the trophy fees are payable upon the completion of the hunt.
    Clients must indemnify organization and staff of NB Safaris.
  • Rifle Hire
    Rifle Hire is expensive due to wear and tear on the rifles and a huge liability insurance premium.
    Note that any damage to the rifles will be the responsibility of the client and will be fixed at a gunsmith of NB Safari's choice
    Rifle hire is $100/day with seven day minimum rental.
    $4/round for the 30-06
    $10/round for the .375 H&H
    30 round minimum
    Rifle/ammo fees are subject to 14% VAT.
    No solid ammo.

Big Five, Plains and Other Game - South Africa

Hint: Hover/touch image to reveal specie and price

Download SA Price List
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Cape Buffalo
From $10,500
Stacks Image 19568
Price On Request
Stacks Image 19569
Price On Request
Stacks Image 19576
Price On Request
Stacks Image 19579
Price On Request
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Baboon (Chacma)
Stacks Image 19585
Black Backed Jackal
From $250
Stacks Image 19588
Black Wildebeest
Stacks Image 19591
Stacks Image 19594
Blesbuck (White)
Stacks Image 19597
Blue Wildebeest
Stacks Image 19600
Stacks Image 19603
Stacks Image 19606
Stacks Image 19609
Stacks Image 19612
From $6,500
Stacks Image 19615
Duiker (Common)
Stacks Image 19618
Stacks Image 19621
Stacks Image 19624
Stacks Image 19627
Stacks Image 19630
Hartebeest (Red)
Stacks Image 19633
Hartebeest (Lichtenstein)
Stacks Image 19636
Price On Request
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Stacks Image 19642
Impala (Black)
Stacks Image 19645
Honey Badger
Stacks Image 19648
From $3,650
Stacks Image 19651
Monkey (Vervet)
Stacks Image 19654
From $3,300
Stacks Image 19657
Stacks Image 19660
Reedbuck (Common)
Stacks Image 19663
Reedbuck (Mountain)
Stacks Image 19666
Roan Antelope
Stacks Image 19669
From $7,990
Stacks Image 19672
Stacks Image 19675
Stacks Image 19678
Springbuck (Black)
Stacks Image 19681
Springbuck (White)
Stacks Image 19684
Springbuck (Copper)
Stacks Image 19687
Stacks Image 19690
Stacks Image 19693
Stacks Image 19696
Stacks Image 19699
Stacks Image 7291
Stacks Image 7294
Price On Request

Big Five - South Africa

Hint: Hover/touch image to reveal specie and price

Download SA Price List
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Cape Buffalo
From $10,500
Stacks Image p27763_n13
Price On Request
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Price On Request
Stacks Image p27763_n21
Price On Request
Stacks Image p27763_n24
Price On Request
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Price On Request

Hunting Packages - South Africa

Download Hunting Packages
Download SA Price List

Cape Buffalo and Sable

Includes Buffalo up to 38" and Sable up to 38"

From 16,990

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Cape Buffalo
Up to 38”
Stacks Image p27764_n16
Up to 38”

Plains Game Adventure

Includes hunter's choice of five or seven animals
Hunters may only harvest one of each selected species.
Huntable Species Available: Kudu (Up to 50"), Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Baboon, Ostrich, Steenbuck, Duiker

6,990 (5 Animals)

7,990 (7 Animals)

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Up to 50”
Stacks Image p27771_n12
Stacks Image p27771_n13
Blue Wildebeest
Stacks Image p27771_n20
Stacks Image p27771_n23
Stacks Image p27771_n26
Stacks Image p27771_n29
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Stacks Image p27771_n35
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Alt image
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